What is PEX?

Enabling Retail investors to enter early securely, bagging the maximum return. 

We are built on an idea to disrupt the existing real estate investment methodologies.


We are an Investor First Company!

PEX aims to eliminate all the risks

Eliminate risks involved in investing in UC projects & safeguarding the interest of the investors. Bringing utmost transparency & education, enabling investors with right knowledge & data points to help them pick the right property with the right return. 

Leveraging RERA

leveraging our in depth industry insights, we have built a system that protects you & leads you to the right direction at every step.  

Liquidating the property

Liquidating the property at the right time at the right price is the most important part of any real estate investment, PEX is proud to be the only platform which fully supports the investors in exiting at the right time. 

The man behind

Tabish Khan

Founder at Property Exchange India

After getting his MBA Degree in Finance in 2012, Tabish formally got a chance to follow his childhood passion in Real Estate. 

Being in the industry for more than a decade, he realised that no investment holds better potential than real estate. Having an investor mindset, he shared the sentimental value Indians hold for owning a tangible asset like Real Estate. 

Quickly diversifying his way into commercial real estate, to get the maximum returns for his customers, he realised that there were a lot of loopholes in the system because of which a project collapsed or a builder went bankrupt leaving a lot of his investors almost lifeless. 

With RERA coming into existence, a lot of these loopholes were fixed but still the conviction has not hit the market right. The industry has built a long going reputation of distrust. Customers were still vulnerable at a few points. 

This led to 2 years of planning & conceptualisation of PEX, building a holistic system where an investor is fully secured & can invest in the most effective manner. While also giving the opportunity to liquidate his asset as freely as possible like gold.